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with a full day of decisions ahead of me, it’s nice to keep it simple in the morning by having a few go-to pieces.

somsack sikhounmuong, madewell’s head of design

know your go-tos — especially on busy days.
whatever your uniform of choice, make sure it serves not just your style but the day you have in front of you — because sometimes, a closet full of choices can be anathema to getting dressed and on with life.

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because my uncles, father and brothers made me a better glampot

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i look at shopping as a long-term investment. unless i feel like it is a piece i will still like in three years, i don’t buy it.

eugene tong, details style director

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When’s the best time to post to Tumblr? 

We’ve been consuming the Tumblr firehose for more than a year at Union Metrics. In that time, we’ve processed more than 40 billion Tumblr posts, reblogs and likes! That’s billion. With a B.

We’re often asked when the best time to post to Tumblr is. So to answer that question, we analyzed more than 6 billion Tumblr activites (posts and notes) from the past two months to figure out when Tumblr is most active, and what that activity looks like over time. 

We’ve found that weekends are the busiest days on Tumblr and Sunday is the most active day overall. Nights are the busiest times, no matter the day of the week. Post activity is at the highest at 4:00 pm EDT; notes peak at 10:00 pm EDT.

The heatmaps show Tumblr post and note activity; each square shows the intensity of activity during that day and hour. The darker the color, the busier that hour is. 

So, what can you do with this info? Well, Tumblr is more active at night, so you’re more likely to have a bigger, more engaged audience then. Particularly later at night, when the highest reblog and like activity happens. But if you want less competition, there’s not much going on in the mornings, so you could give that a shot. If you’re a brand or business, you should consider scheduling content outside standard US business hours, especially on the weekends when more people are spending more time on Tumblr. This is particularly important, because compared to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Tumblr is much more active on the weekends. 

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in case you didn’t know.

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